Respectful and equal relationships

Photography copyright Julian Nieman for Refuge

A respectful relationship is one where both people treat each other as equals, feel free to be themselves and take one another’s opinions and wishes into consideration. Here are a few examples of how it feels to be in an equal and respectful relationship.

Do these match up with what you see in your own relationship, or in your friends’ or family members’ relationships?

  • You respect and support one another’s choices
  • You both respect each other’s right to keep some things private
  • You encourage one another to try new things
  • You think of one another as equal – neither person is more important or better
  • You support and look after one another during good times and bad
  • You make each other feel good about yourselves
  • When you have a disagreement, you talk it through
Photography copyright Julian Nieman for RefugeThomas Davis, Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year, Carolina Panthers OLB
Photography copyright Julian Nieman for Refuge
  • You both take responsibility for your own decisions and actions
  • You enjoy doing things together, but are also free to enjoy your own interests or see friends individually
  • You care about how the other person feels and make the time to listen to them
  • You feel safe when you’re together
  • You can both be yourself completely around each other
  • You don’t try to control the other person