NFL players speak

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Role models

We all need positive role models to aspire to. Both within the NFL and outside of it, more and more men are taking a stand against violence.
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On and off the field

Being an athlete is just one example of striving to be the best. On the field, you are part of something bigger than yourself: a team. With this team, you train hard, you work hard and you sweat hard to get better, together. Once you walk off the field, that level of dedication to yourself and your community does not stop. Your community becomes your team. Below are some examples of men who are true team players, both on and off the field.

Thomas Davis

On the field, Thomas Davis is a linebacker for the Carolina Panthers. He has torn his ACL three times in three years and continues to play. He hopes that his recovery and determination will be an inspiration to others.

Off the field, Thomas Davis is the 2015 winner of the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award. He works with underprivileged children, doing whatever is necessary to defend their dreams.

Jason Witten

On the field, Jason Witten plays for the Dallas Cowboys. He has set the NFL record for catches in a season by a tight end.

Off the field, Jason Witten is the 2013 winner of the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award and the Bart Starr Award. He works against domestic violence and has also built education and fitness centers for young people, hosts free football camps and runs male mentorship programs. Find out more about his work here.
Russell Wilson

On the field, Russell Wilson is the Super Bowl winning quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks.

Off the field, Russell Wilson has started a campaign called “Pass The Peace”, as well as fighting against domestic violence, cancer, diabetes and world hunger. Check out his website here.