NFL in the community

Photography copyright Julian Nieman for Refuge

“Let’s take charge. Let’s step up and be a village of guys that make a difference. Let’s change the world.” Thomas Davis, Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year, Carolina Panthers OLB

Photography copyright Julian Nieman for Refuge
  • This website has been created for you, because every one of us has a responsibility to each other and to our community
  • Every week in England and Wales, 2 women are killed due to domestic abuse
  • Domestic and sexual violence is a problem that affects everyone. When we talked to a group of 18-24 year old players, most of them had either seen violence in their home or knew a friend who had used violence against a girlfriend
  • Refuge and the NFL have come together to provide you with resources, information and support about this important subject matter
  • We want to give you the knowledge to stand up to violence against women; to challenge the social attitudes about men and women that allow abuse to continue; and to help yourself, friends and family get support when needed
Photography copyright Julian Nieman for RefugeThomas Davis, Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year, Carolina Panthers OLB

There’s responsibility on and off the pitch

  • There are four core values that the NFL upholds both on and off the field: responsibility to team, integrity, resilience, and respect
  • Playing American football is a privilege that comes with responsibilities – responsibilities which we carry into all areas of life, including personal relationships
  • The NFL recognises its responsibility to support and guide players to uphold these principles – and takes a firm stance against violence and abuse in relationships
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Our partner: Refuge

  • Refuge opened the world’s first refuge in London, England in 1971 and has grown to become the country’s largest provider of specialist domestic violence services
  • On an average Refuge’s services support approximately 3,300 women and children, and some men, escaping all forms of violence and abuse on any given day
  • Refuge works to prevent domestic violence through awareness campaigns and lobbies for better protection for victims of abuse
  • Refuge is a global expert on violence against women and has advised internationally on strategies to tackle abuse